About Animal Dentistry & Oral Surgery

We are veterinary dental specialists.

As a board-certified veterinary dental specialist, Dr. Buelow has completed years of specialized training in oral surgery, medicine and dentistry to evaluate and diagnose genetic and acquired problems. Dr. Buelow has earned the prestigious Diplomate status, or Board-Certified Dentist designation from the American Veterinary Dental College (AVDC). The AVDC is an accredited specialty college under the umbrella of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). There are currently just over 160 veterinary dental specialists in practice today.

Since our patients usually require general anesthesia for evaluation and treatment, the safe and effective use of anesthesia and pain management are an integral part of our team’s advanced training and certification. We use advanced diagnostic techniques like dental radiology, MRI, CT scans and laboratory evaluations to make accurate diagnoses prior to treatment to improve the oral health and the general wellness of our patients.

We partner with your family veterinarian.

At Animal Dentistry & Oral Surgery, we know that optimal pet health care requires a solid partnership between family veterinarians and specialists. We embrace this team approach because it means that you and your pet benefit from the multidisciplinary team’s comprehensive knowledge, training, equipment and communications. Rest assured that our team understands and appreciates the myriad aspects of pet heath, and is committed to offering a variety of specialized veterinary dental treatment options so that your pet remains a healthy member of your family.

If you are concerned your pet has a dental problem, please ask your family veterinarian to contact us.

We are affiliated with The LifeCentre:

Animal Dentistry & Oral Surgery is located within The LifeCentre veterinary specialty campus, providing our staff – and your pets – with the added benefit of collaboration with a team of board-certified veterinary specialists in cardiology, internal medicine, dermatology, surgery, neurology, ophthalmology, oncology and 24-hour emergency and critical care disciplines. The collective expertise and experience of these veterinary specialists is an invaluable service for our patients, their families and referring veterinarians. This results in the absolute best care possible.