Advanced Periodontal Procedures & Gingival Surgery

Most periodontal (around the tooth) problems are the result of chronic periodontal disease (chronic infection) or injury. Sometimes pet teeth with significant periodontal attachment loss (gingival recession or bone loss), and where the potential for controlling further tissue loss is reasonably good, advanced periodontal surgery techniques can help avoid extraction and be utilized to help make teeth more stable, functional, resistant to infection.

Determining if these procedures are necessary or possible for a pet/patient can only be accomplished with the pet under anesthesia. After a complete periodontal assessment (with intraoral X-rays) has been performed, a determination can be made as to whether this type of treatment is feasible for the particular patient.

All treatments for periodontal diseases will require high levels (elevated levels) of oral hygiene care for the patient at home. This usually will included daily oral tooth brushing and more frequent professional care. Without maintenance of high levels of oral hygiene at home, heroic procedures to save the teeth will not be successful.

Advanced periodontal procedures available at Animal Dentistry & Oral Surgery include:

  • Bone grafting
  • Guided tissue regeneration
  • Gingival transposition surgery