Animal Dentistry & Oral Surgery Difference

Where Animal Dentistry & Oral Surgery (ADOS) Makes a Difference: Important Assets and Advantages for Your Pet’s Oral Health Care at ADOS:

  1. Partnership and teamwork with the referring, primary care veterinarian/hospital.
    1. ADOS considers itself an extension of the referring veterinary hospital.
    2. Provide oral health care services that augment the health and well-being of our patients. Goal is to have happier, healthier pets that may lead longer lives.
    3. Work closely with referring veterinarians to provide for their clients and patients:
      -outstanding client service
      -state of the art specialty skills and equipment
      -the highest quality anesthetic skills, equipment and safety
    4. Timely, clear and legible medical and dental record communications are provided to referring veterinarians.
  2. Education and training:
    1. Dr. Buelow is an American Veterinary Dental College (AVDC) Board Certified Veterinary Dental specialist. There are less than 130 veterinarians in the world with this advanced degree. This is the only veterinary dental certification recognized by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA).
    2. ADOS only employs Licensed Veterinary Technicians (LVTs). Our LVTs have attended accredited schools of veterinary technology and are certified and licensed by the state of Virginia. They each have years of specialty level training and experience in anesthesia, as well as, dentistry.
  3. Patient Care:
    1. ADOS specialists communicate and collaborate with each other on almost every case.
    2. The “behind the scenes” level of patient care is second to none. Dental and oral surgical expertise and skill are state of the art, and our anesthetic techniques and safety record are world class. Because of our skills and reputation, many other specialists recommend ADOS for care of their patients’ oral health care needs.
    3. Comprehensive Oral Examinations, radiographic interpretations and treatment planning are all performed by our AVDC board certified veterinary dentist. We do not have to outsource for information, interpretation and advice.
    4. ADOS is located within the TLC campus: a large multiservice specialty and 24 hour- emergency-critical care facility. Collegiality, communication and information sharing is high among the multiple TLC specialty services.
  4. Desired Outcome:
    1. Prevention of oral and systemically related diseases.
    2. Safe anesthesia and treatment so that pets are not suffering with chronic infection, inflammation or pain.
  5. Financial considerations:
    1. Offer Care Credit as a payment plan
    2. Preventative, maintenance care is much more economical than performing procedures on an older patient with deferred maintenance requirements.

Animal Dentistry & Oral Surgery Practice Location Within the LifeCentre Campus:

Another added bonus of having your pet seen by ADOS at The LifeCentre veterinary specialty campus is knowing that the other specialty services within the facility are available if needed. Our approach is to do what is best for the whole patient and we consider the impact of any other underlying medical condition, such as; dermatologic, ophthalmologic, cardiac, oncologic, neurologic or surgical diseases before recommending any treatment. If further work-up of underlying health issues is needed prior to a dentistry procedure, we indicate this at the time of your consultation.