Who Performs My Pet’s Procedure?

Who Performs the Dental Procedure at ADOS?

At any veterinary hospital facility where pet dental services are offered, the legitimate question should be asked as to “who will actually be performing the pet’s dental procedures?” Although dental cleaning and polishing may be performed by one of ADOS’ trained, experienced and closely supervised LVT’s, all oral surgical and dental procedures are performed by one of our board certified specialists.

In many veterinary practices, it is actually a veterinary technician or sometimes actually an unlicensed employee that is allowed to perform oral and dental procedures. Under Virginia law, a licensed veterinary technician is allowed to extract single rooted teeth. Although it can be professionally argued that this law permits an LVT to do too much as it is, the more pertinent problem is that many practices allow their LVT or other employees to perform dental surgery well beyond these limitations. The person providing the dental service may also actually be the one responsible for anesthesia at the same time.

Who Performs the Oral Exam and Intraoral Radiographs at ADOS?

All of our oral exams and intraoral radiographs are performed by our board certified veterinary dentist. Radiographic interpretation, clinical assessments, diagnosis and treatment planning is performed by the veterinary dental specialist.