For Referring Veterinarians

Veterinary Dental Referral Policy:

We believe that the best possible pet healthcare and client service is accomplished through a team approach that involves the client, family veterinarian and Animal Dentistry & Oral Surgery. That’s why we examine and treat pet dental patients on a referral basis. Please download and complete our patient referral form to refer a patient to us for veterinary dental care.

After we conduct a complete oral exam and/or treatment of the pet, a copy of the dental treatment chart, including procedural notes, is faxed or emailed the same day to the referring veterinarian. All patients are directed to return to their referring veterinarian/hospital as soon as the treatment regimen has been completed; please keep in mind that periodontal and endodontic treatment often involves long-term follow-up.

Appropriate Pre-Anesthetic Blood work Is Required For All Patients. All pre-anesthetic work-ups should be performed at the primary veterinarian’s office and faxed or emailed to Animal Dentistry & Oral Surgery in advance of the scheduled appointment. If deemed necessary by the referring veterinarian, arrangements for pre-anesthetic blood work and thoracic radiographs can be made through our office.

All cardiac patients, including all pets with heart murmurs, must have an up-to-date cardiac assessment completed by a veterinary cardiologist before we will perform general anesthesia and oral treatment.