Jafar Brenner

I’m eternally grateful that I found Dr. Chamberlain and his practice. I went in for a routine dental check because I know that my baby Jafar has poor teeth and probably needed extractions. Dr. Chamberlain went above and beyond — he actually detected a heart murmur in Jafar that my regular vet missed. I’m so thankful that he caught this! I hate to imagine what would have happened if I never knew. In addition to this, he was able to refer Jafar to an excellent cardiologist for monitoring, and provide a safe oral cleaning and extractions for Jafar. The staff was EXTREMELY supportive and kind during his procedure, and didn’t mind that I waited around for six hours in their waiting room. They kept me informed throughout the procedure, and called to check on him during his recovery at home. He recovered very quickly, and now seems to be enjoying food a lot more without his bad teeth. I’m so thankful for Dr. Chamberlain and his staff, and I would recommend them without hesitation.

Grace Brenner