I am absolutely thrilled with the care my dog received here! I rescued my sweet Jessie girl with little knowledge of her background story. Her previous owner had said she had a hole in her mouth that they didn’t know the cause of and that they had had ‘fixed’ to the best of their ability when I got her. When I took her to my vet, they referred me to Animal Dentistry and Oral Surgery because it definitely needed to be corrected by a specialist. They took X-Rays and immediately determined the cause!

My poor girl had been shot in the face at some point and still had multiple bullet fragments left in the roof of her mouth! Dr. Buelow and her team were fantastic from start to finish! She and her team were professional, thorough and very caring through the whole process. They kept us informed with multiple updates during and after her surgery. Dr. Buelow did an amazing job on such a big surgery and I want to thank everyone for treating Jessie with a level of kindness and love that went above and beyond! I would highly recommend them for any dental needs your pet may have, especially if it is unique and needs a specialist!