Polly & Rocky

Being a veterinarian myself, I wanted to make sure my senior dog, Polly, and my cat, Rocky, were in good hands for their respective dental cleanings.  I have known Dr. Chamberlain and his staff since I was a veterinary student, and I was very comfortable trusting them to care for my pets.  Given that I was unsure if Polly and Rocky would need routine dental cleanings or more extensive procedures, I wanted to make sure they would receive the ‘gold standard’ of care.  On the day of their procedures, the communication from Dr. Chamberlain’s staff was fantastic – I received phone calls with updates throughout the afternoon, alleviating any of my concerns as a nervous pet Mom.  I would highly recommend the compassionate and highly skilled doctors and staff at Animal Dentistry and Oral Surgery to anyone considering a dental procedure for their pets.

Dr. Erin Casey