Ingrid King

Ruby King

As a veterinary journalist and former veterinary practice manager, I have a solid understanding of dental disease, the importance of addressing dental problems in a timely manner, and of what’s involved with putting a pet under anesthesia.  However, this comprehensive knowledge does not protect me from worrying about my cat when she’s the one who needs a procedure.  Dr. Chamberlain is my one and only choice when my cats need dental procedures, and I also refer all of my readers and clients in the greater Washington DC area to ADOS.

My six-year-old cat Ruby had major dental disease, and needed full mouth extractions. Dr. Chamberlain and his staff made a difficult experience as stress-free as it could possibly be for both me and Ruby. Dr. Chamberlain gentle approach to performing Ruby’s physical and oral exam, and his “cat whisperer” technicians Jenn and Lauren, helped keep my very stressed out cat calm. Jenn kept me updated throughout the day before, during and after Ruby’s surgery, and Lauren provided comprehensive discharge instructions.

In all the years I’ve spent as either an employee or client at veterinary clinics, I have rarely, if ever, seen such exemplary dedication to the client’s and pet’s comfort. I believe that you will be hard pressed to find a match for the combination of competence and compassion extended to me at ADOS by everyone on staff.

Ingrid King

Publisher and Founder, The Conscious Cat