Kim Blazier

Frank Sinatra Blazier

Our little girl Frankie is our joy. When you love your four-legged little one so much, it’s incredibly hard to trust them in anyone else’s hands but your own.  My sister and I were so nervous when we first learned our little girl had to have dental work done.  However, that all changed as soon as we started talking to Kim and the rest of the staff members and doctors at TLC.  They listened, answered all of our questions, and made us feel completely comfortable.  Their love for animals, extreme professionalism, and commitment to incredible care showed through during every step of the process.   TLC is a wonderful, caring, wholehearted establishment, with a highly-specialized team that treats your pet like their own.  Thank you, TLC.  Our little girl’s smile never looked better!

Grace Brenner

Jafar Brenner

I’m eternally grateful that I found Dr. Chamberlain and his practice. I went in for a routine dental check because I know that my baby Jafar has poor teeth and probably needed extractions. Dr. Chamberlain went above and beyond — he actually detected a heart murmur in Jafar that my regular vet missed. I’m so thankful that he caught this! I hate to imagine what would have happened if I never knew. In addition to this, he was able to refer Jafar to an excellent cardiologist for monitoring, and provide a safe oral cleaning and extractions for Jafar. Continue reading

Jennifer York

Sam & Sadie York

Thank you so much to the doctors and staff for taking such good care of my dogs Sam & Sadie.  Both are “special needs” – Sadie is blind, and Sam has a heart murmur in addition his jaw being previously broken (at another vet clinic).  They both needed to have thorough dental cleanings done, as well as having several teeth extracted.  Everyone in the office kept me well informed and took wonderful care of both of my fur babies.
Thanks from the whole family!

Ingrid King

Allegra King

As a veterinary journalist and former veterinary practice manager, I have a solid understanding of dental disease, the importance of addressing dental problems in a timely manner, and of what’s involved with putting a pet under anesthesia. However, this comprehensive knowledge does not protect me from worrying about my cat when she’s the one who needs a procedure. When my six-year-old cat was diagnosed with a visible resorptive lesion by Dr. Andrea Tasi, ADOS and Dr. Chamberlain were my first and only choice for Allegra. Continue reading

Dr. Andrea Tasi

I have a small feline exclusive housecall practice in Northern Virginia. My practice emphasis is on holistic care. If any of my patients, or my own cats, need any dental care, they are referred exclusively to Dr. Chamberlain at Animal Dentistry & Oral Surgery for two reasons: I know that the services provided will be the highest “standard of care”, and that any challenge my patients’ mouths present will be handled with the expertise of a board certified specialist in dentistry.  Unfortunately, tooth resorptive disease and oral inflammatory disease are rampant in the cat population, and with even my best efforts I cannot “cure” many patients with these conditions. Continue reading

Lori Brown

I want to send a very special to everyone for taking such good care of Chanel and I! I was very anxious and worried and from my first meeting with you I felt the kindness and professionalism of everyone.
Kim, you have been absolutely super and patient with me from our first meeting several weeks ago and all of my crazy phone calls and the entire day with me camped out in your waiting room.
Lauren, you reassured me that Chanel was in the best care when you came to take her in the back but more importantly it was your knowledge and conscious monitoring of Chanel throughout the procedure that I do not have the words to express my gratitude. Continue reading

Debbie Zimmerman

Casper Zimmerman

The best Veterinary Hospital experience we have ever had.  That is what I told our regular Veterinarian about our experience with Dr. Chamberlain and his team.  Casper had a chipped tooth that had gotten infected and needed medical attention.  From the initial consult to the post-operative follow up, Animal Dentistry was a joy to deal with.  Upon the first meeting, Dr. Chamberlain took the time to share some education and background on Casper’s situation, and gave us several options on proceeding forward, with detailed estimates on each option.  Upon setting the surgical appointment his experienced team gave us a detailed itinerary of the day’s events. The surgery went just as described, with his staff calling us at each of the steps

Continue reading


Stonewall had surgery one month ago. The risks were pretty high as he is 14 years old, has kidney disease and a heart murmur. His teeth were in very bad shape and he was in a lot of pain.  Dr. Chamberlain and his team, especially Lauren, took excellent care of my cat. Also Dr. Tyrrell provided excellent advice to bring Stonewall’s blood pressure under control. Today, one month after the surgery, I keep saying THANK YOU all for being so good and giving me back my precious cat that is free of pain and full of life. God bless you all!



Thanks for your expert care of my cat Buggy. As a veterinarian, I appreciate all your technical prowess. As a loving guardian to my cats, I appreciate your compassionate treatment. He is glad to be home, but will see you next year.



In August of 2011, we took our golden retriever, Isis, to this veterinary dentist to have a malignant tumor (about ½ inch in diameter) removed from her upper left gum area in her mouth. She had to have 4 teeth extracted and a good part of her hard palate taken out. We were so pleasantly surprised when she only needed to spend one night there, and began eating as soon as she got home…soft food for 1 week, then normal hard kibble. We couldn’t believe she recovered so fast!  The tumor has not grown back in nearly a year, so we know Dr. Chamberlain got all the cancer out. We thank him and his staff at the Animal Dentistry & Oral Surgery for their fine care of our Isis, and also for their attentive and caring follow up.