Treatment Options for Periodontal Disease

Just as for humans, effective treatment and prevention of periodontal disease (PD) requires a combination daily home care and regular professional cleanings. Whatever disease stage an individual may be at, home care is a vital component of the treatment plan. Professional treatments may extend from conservative cleanings to surgical procedures designed to regenerate bone and reattach periodontal tissues. All efforts are made with the goal of preserving healthy teeth (no infection, no pain)…especially the “strategic” teeth (the more functional and structurally important teeth to the jaw).

Treatment typically begins with the professional cleaning of your pet’s teeth. To properly clean a pet’s teeth they must be placed under general anesthesia. The trained veterinarian or dental technician will clean and polish the teeth and survey the degree of problem. In more advanced cases, gum surgery, bone grafting or even extractions of your pet’s teeth may be recommended to prevent spread of the disease. Treatments with medications by oral solutions, gels, or antibiotics may be required. The periodontal status may require periodic reevaluations to access the condition and adjust treatment. To effectively prevent and/or treat PD, a combination of good home-care and professional assessment and cleaning is necessary. One procedure without the other usually results in failure.