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Archive for May 2013

What If My Dog Or Cat Has Bad Breath?

Bad “Dog Breath” or “Kitty Breath” is a sign of infection and periodontal disease in your pet’s mouth. Typically the worse the breath smells the worse the disease. This is a sign you should bring your pet in for a complete oral health exam and dental cleaning. Once your pet’s teeth have been cleaned and any diseased teeth have been…

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Some of my Pet’s puppy/kitten teeth never fell out? What if my pet’s adult teeth are coming in and the puppy/kitten teeth are still there?

If your pet is about six to eight months old, most of their puppy or kitten (deciduous) teeth should have fallen out. If you are seeing adult teeth come in and the deciduous teeth are still present they may not fall out on their own. This is concern because the puppy’s or kitten’s deciduous teeth may prevent the adult…

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What if my dog or cat has a broken tooth?

If you can see that your pet’s tooth is actively bleeding, this means that the pulp has been exposed. The pulp is where the blood supply and nerves are located, making is a painful condition, but depending on the individual pet they may or may not show signs of being bothered by this. If you notice a distinct black…

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