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If the thought of a visit to the dentist makes both you and your pet want to hide under the bed, then let our team put you at ease!

We offer a warm and comfortable environment for you and your pet, and a personalized level of care that is rooted in communication and collaboration.

Animal Dentistry & Oral Surgery is a Veterinary Dental Specialty Practice located in Leesburg, Virginia, and is devoted exclusively to the oral surgical and dental health care needs of domestic pets. For twenty years we have treated clients in the Mid-Atlantic region with the highest quality veterinary dental and oral surgical care. Our practice is uniquely located in The Life Centre, a full-service veterinary specialty hospital, which offers our clients direct access to cutting edge veterinary technology and a wide range of specialists including cardiologists and a complete emergency and critical care team.

Our team is comprised of diverse experts in the field of veterinary dentistry. Dr. Mary Buelow and Dr. Matthew Raleigh are American Veterinary Dental College board-certified dentists with advanced education and experience in oral surgery and dentistry. Dr. Buelow and Dr. Raleigh specialize in the treatment of dogs and cats and embrace a collaborative approach that emphasizes a partnership between owner and veterinarian in order to optimize oral health and well-being. They works alongside an accomplished team of Licensed Veterinary Technicians who are highly trained in the most advanced veterinary dentistry and anesthesia practices.

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Animal Dentistry & Oral Surgery, Inc. is a Veterinary Dental Specialty Practice located in Leesburg, Virginia. The practice was established in 1999 and is devoted exclusively to the oral surgical and dental health care needs of dogs and cats.

We look forward to talking to you about your pet’s dental health!

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Important Notice: Why We DON’T Offer Dental Implants for Dogs and Cats

At Animal Dentistry & Oral Surgery, we prioritize the well-being of your furry companions. While we excel in providing comprehensive veterinary dental specialty care, it’s crucial to note that we do not offer dental implants for dogs and cats. Why? Because our commitment is to deliver safe and effective treatments that align with the unique needs and anatomy of our animal patients.

Please read our full post on why we don’t offer dental implants here. For our full list of services please visit this link.

Gracie’s Day at the Dentist

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