What to Expect When You Visit

Appointments and Procedures:

A consultation with our specialist is required prior to a procedure being performed. The consultation may be scheduled the same morning as your pet’s procedure. However, if your pet is geriatric, has underlying medical conditions, you have particular anesthetic concerns, or you would like a cost estimate prior to the procedure day, then it is necessary to schedule a consultation with the specialist on a day that is separate from the procedure.

Client Forms:

Clients new to our practice should download and complete our Client Registration Form . Please complete this form prior to your office visit. Should you have any questions, or are unable to complete the form at home, please plan to arrive 10-15 minutes in advance of your appointment.

Procedures and Protocols

Our primary concern is for the welfare and safety of your pet while they are in our care. In order to fulfill the goal of providing the highest quality of oral health care, anesthetic safety and efficient flow of patient care, it is essential that we follow routines, protocols and policies.
For everything we do behind the scenes, it is essential that you confirm knowledge and understanding of our policies and protocols for the day your pet may be with us for general anesthesia and an oral procedure. We have made these available below so you can familiarize yourself with them prior to your appointment.

Final exam findings:

The complete exam findings are not known until a thorough exam can be performed under general anesthesia. Before we perform any procedure on your pet, or if additional problems are discovered while your pet is anesthetized, you will be contacted to update you on the final exam findings, confirm treatment options and discuss estimated costs. Therefore, it is essential that we have a phone number where you may be reached at all times.

Procedure time

Patients are admitted after each exam/consultation. Please note that your scheduled appointment time is not the time the procedure is scheduled for your pet.

Heart Conditions:

If your pet has an existing heart condition or murmur, or if a “new” heart murmur is heard, a heart assessment by a veterinary cardiologist may be necessary before we proceed with anesthesia or treatment.

Hospital Stay:

In most cases, patients stay with our caring team for the day. Because the health and safety of your pet is our top priority, we cannot guarantee a specific procedural start time or a specific release time; however, our staff will keep you informed and do their best to accommodate your work schedule and travel time. For most procedures, pets do not need to stay overnight; however, this may occasionally be necessary for patient monitoring, supportive care and pain management.

Post Anesthesia Procedure:

Our staff will contact you after your pet has recovered safely from anesthesia and will let you know when you can pick him/her up. One of the licensed technicians and/or the doctor will meet with you to discuss your pet’s condition, treatment, homecare instructions and any necessary medications. Written instructions will also be provided. Please remember that your pet will experience some sedative affects, so it is important to follow all discharge instructions closely.

Record keeping and communication with the primary care veterinarian:

We maintain detailed medical and dental records for each patient. When a consultation has been scheduled by an owner, we contact the primary care veterinarian and obtain the pertinent medical history, previous diagnostic information and any lab findings. Prior to each consultation, the medical records are reviewed. After each consultation, medical records are updated and pertinent information is forwarded to the referring veterinarian detailing the oral findings, the patient’s treatment and recommended follow-up care.

Fee estimates:

Clinical procedures are tailored to the specific needs of each pet. As a result, set fees cannot be established, but rather are determined on a case-by-case basis. Following your consultation, you will receive a written, estimated range of fees for the total costs for your consultation and the treatment option you elect for your pet. Although fees rarely exceed the estimates given, if unexpected time and materials usage is encountered, this could change.


Full payment is due when services are rendered. We accept cash, Visa, Discover, MasterCard, American Express and CareCredit, a low or no cost financing option for qualified applicants.