Important questions to ask the veterinary dental service provider before your dog or cat undergoes anesthesia and dental services:

  1. Do you and your staff know my pet’s anesthetic risk category?
  2. Are there any diagnostic tests needed before anesthesia that would reduce anesthetic risk factors (improve anesthetic safety)?
  3. Can you safely handle my pet’s needs for anesthesia, anesthetic recovery and the dental/oral surgical procedure itself?
  4. Do you take full dentition intraoral (dental) radiographs?
  5. Will the radiographs be of diagnostic quality?
  6. Can you interpret the dental radiographs?
  7. Are you prepared to handle unexpected anesthetic or procedural events or complications that may occur during my pet’s treatment?
  8. What dental treatments can you competently perform?
  9. Who performs the tooth extractions in this practice?
  10. Who performs the oral exam, charting and decision making?
  11. Who performs the dental cleaning and what are their qualifications?
  12. Are detailed, accurate dental/oral health records kept and maintained?