Meet Squash


Say hello to Squash, the official clinic-cat of ADOS and our CMO (Chief Morale Officer). Although Squash had a rough start in life, she now lives in the lap of luxury and is smothered with love and attention by her staff at ADOS and the LifeCentre. She was initially brought to Dr. Buelow in baaad shape in 2012 when Dr. Buelow worked in NYC. Poor Squash was dumped at NYC Animal Care and Control, starving, covered in filth and unable to open her mouth (lockjaw). Dr. Buelow took pity on poor “Squarshie” and made her part of the family! Despite many tests, the underlying cause of her lockjaw was never found. Nevertheless, after many months of tube feeding and lots of love and affection, she was eventually able to open her mouth and eat normally! These experiences are what led Squash to dedicate her life to veterinary service – providing empathy and support for our patients and staff. She now spends her days brightening the lives of our staff and her nights at home with Dr. Buelow terrorizing her fellow rescued cat, Kitten.

In her down time, Squash loves sleeping in her special window seat, watching birds and squirrels, eating whenever and whatever, face wipes, playing with cat toys and her three dog siblings. Her loudest purrs can be heard when she is making her rounds through the LifeCentre (affectionately known as “Squashabouts”.)