Services We Offer

  1. Periodontal therapy
    1. Extractions
    2. Bone grafting
    3. Guided Tissue Regeneration
  2. Endodontics (Root canal or vital pulp therapy)
    1. For treatment of:
      1. Broken teeth
      2. Discolored teeth
  3. Oral surgery
    1. Advanced extractions
    2. Multiple or full-mouth extractions
      1. Can often be performed in one procedure
    3. Oral tumor management and removal
    4. Palatal surgery
  4. Teeth cleaning for patients with advanced anesthetic requirements
  5. Advanced anesthesia care for patients that are geriatric or have underlying medical conditions
  6. Imaging
    1. Dental radiographs
    2. CT scan
    3. MRI
  7. Treatment of oral diseases
    1. Stomatitis (cats)
    2. Ulcerative stomatitis (dogs)
    3. Tooth resorption
    4. Gingival hyperplasia
  8. Jaw fracture fixation
  9. Orthodontic treatment
    1. Our goal in treating any occlusion issue in a dog/cat is to make sure their mouth can open and close comfortably with no traumatic occlusion present (teeth hitting other teeth or teeth hitting soft tissue). At ADOS, it is our position not to treat occlusion issues purely for cosmetic reasons and we will not restore a bad occlusion for show purposes.
  10. Restorations
    1. Composite restorations for enamel/dentin loss
    2. Crown therapy for broken teeth following root canal therapy