Pinky ( aka Dental Cone Beam CT)

What is a Cone Beam CT Scanner?

  • Cone Beam CT is the gold standard for maxillofacial imaging due to its unsurpassed detail of bone and dental structures (captures bone loss 50% earlier than dental x-rays)
  • Has the advantage of lower radiation exposure, smaller size, and faster image capture compared to conventional CT

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Marker 1

Where the Fuzzy head goes

Marker 2

Highly detailed scan of the skull and dental anatomy

Marker 3

Heated table to keep the fuzzies warm

Marker 4

Small but very mighty monitoring machine to ensure our sedated patients vitals are all okay!

Marker 5

Happy Juice to keep our patients from moving during the scan. Even a small amount of movement will affect the quality of the scan so sedation is an absolute requirement 

Why does a Cone Beam benefit my pet?

  • More detailed evaluation of the extent of bone loss associated with oral masses
  • Earlier diagnosis of endodontic and periodontal disease
  • Detailed assessment of maxillofacial trauma allowing for proper planning of fracture fixation
  • More accurate assessment of bone loss associated with clefts and fistulas than with x-ray alone
  • Evaluation of the TMJ and caudal maxillomandibular structures (impossible with x-ray)

Benefits of the cone beam over dental x-rays include:

  • Rapid speed
  • Lower radiation exposure (about the same as a set of full-mouth rads)
  • Over twice the sensitivity to bone loss over x-rays
    very small slice thickness (down to 0.2 mm)
  • Immediate 3D reconstruction
Benefits of cone beam-v1