Pinky ( aka Dental Cone Beam CT)

Dental cone beam CT was developed as a means of producing similar types of images but with a much smaller and less expensive machine that could be placed in an outpatient office.

Cone beam CT provides detailed images of the bone and is performed to evaluate diseases of the jaw, dentition, bony structures of the face, nasal cavity and sinuses. It does not provide the full diagnostic information available with conventional CT, particularly in evaluation of soft tissue structures such as muscles, lymph nodes, glands and nerves. However, cone beam CT has the advantage of lower radiation exposure compared to conventional CT.

IMG 1592 v1 - Cone Beam
ADOS Logo doggy v2 - Cone Beam Marker 1

Where the Fuzzy head goes

IMG 1602 v1 300x300 - Cone Beam

ADOS Logo doggy v2 - Cone Beam Marker 2

Highly detailed scan of the skull and dental anatomy

Noodle 2 v1 300x300 - Cone Beam

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Heated table to keep the fuzzies warm

ADOS Logo doggy v2 - Cone Beam Marker 4

Small but very mighty monitoring machine to ensure our sedated patients vitals are all okay!

ADOS Logo doggy v2 - Cone Beam Marker 5

Happy Juice to keep our patients from moving during the scan. Even a small amount of movement will affect the quality of the scan so sedation is an absolute requirement 

What Is a Cone Beam CT Scanner?

  • Volumetric CT scan where x-rays are sent through the patient in a divergent 3D cone instead of traditional fan-beam CT scan
  • Smaller in size and obtains images faster than a traditional CT
  • Gold standard for maxillofacial imaging due to unsurpassed detail of bone and dental structures

Why does a Cone Beam benefit my pet?

  • More detailed evaluation of the extent of bone loss associated with oral masses
  • Earlier diagnosis of endodontic and periodontal disease
  • Detailed assessment of maxillofacial trauma allowing for proper planning of fracture fixation
  • More accurate assessment of bone loss associated with clefts and fistulas than with x-ray alone
  • Evaluation of the TMJ and caudal maxillomandibular structures (impossible with x-ray)

Benefits of the cone beam over dental x-rays include:

  • rapid speed
  • lower radiation exposure (about the same as a set of full-mouth rads)
  • over twice the sensitivity to bone loss over x-rays
    very small slice thickness (down to 0.2 mm)
  • immediate 3D reconstruction
Benefits of cone beam-v1
pixel - Cone Beam