What If My Dog Or Cat Has Bad Breath?

Bad “Dog Breath” or “Kitty Breath” is a sign of infection and periodontal disease in your pet’s mouth. Typically the worse the breath smells the worse the disease. This is a sign you should bring your pet in for a complete oral health exam and dental cleaning.

Once your pet’s teeth have been cleaned and any diseased teeth have been addressed, home care will be important in maintaining better smelling breath. Plaque (the film that forms on our teeth) is also present in our pet’s mouths. This is a bacterial biofilm and it is the bacterial waste products that cause oral malodor.  Brushing disrupts the biofilm and removes the bacteria. This helps keep bad breath under control, just as it does for our own breath.

It is possible that sometimes what we think is a bad smell coming from the mouth is not. Odors can come from further down the digestive tract, from the respiratory tract, ears or skin. If the problem persists after a dentistry procedure it is possible that further evaluations may be necessary.

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