Some of my Pet’s puppy/kitten teeth never fell out? What if my pet’s adult teeth are coming in and the puppy/kitten teeth are still there?

If your pet is about six to eight months old, most of their puppy or kitten (deciduous) teeth should have fallen out. If you are seeing adult teeth come in and the deciduous teeth are still present they may not fall out on their own.

This is concern because the puppy’s or kitten’s deciduous teeth may prevent the adult teeth from reaching a normal position in the mouth. When the teeth are not aligned properly they could cause damage to other structures and cause pain and discomfort to your pet. This condition may mean that your pet could need orthodontics or surgery to correct the problems. An evaluation by a veterinary dentist will help you determine what options you have to address these issues.

If the deciduous teeth are not causing a problem with the adult teeth erupting into a normal position they will over time result in severe periodontal disease developing at the site. This is because it is abnormal for teeth to be in these positions and they trap debris and bacteria quickly. It is this debris and bacteria that will lead to the development of periodontal disease over time.

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