Honey Bunny Gellman

Honey Bunny

The folks at ADOS were fantastic! Kim at the front desk replied to all of my calls and emails with a speed I haven’t experienced in a LONG time. Dr. Buelow and her staff were wonderful during my meeting with them. I went to them after learning from my primary vet that our cat needed at least 7 or 8 teeth removed. I reviewed Dr. Buelow’s recommendations with our vet and he suggested we go with ADOS. We were pretty certain that was going to be our choice, but our vet confirmed that in this case, having to remove all of our cat’s teeth, using Dr. Buelow, who has this as her board certified specialty, it would be done quicker and with more expertise. That certainly was our experience. Bunny has been SO much happier since (and so have we)!  She has turned into such a playful cat! Thank you to everyone at ADOS!!  – Adair Gellman

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