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I am SO happy and thankful to Dr. Buelow and her team. My 7 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel had 8 teeth left after several yearly dental cleanings and extractions. Her vet thought all of her remaining would have to be extracted this time, but felt more comfortable with a dentist performing the procedure as the teeth she had left were the larger bottom teeth, which present more of a risk when extracting. I was initially nervous to take her somewhere new but from the start of the consult, I knew she was in good hands. Dr. Buelow and her team are so kind and eagerly answered all of my questions. And Kim, who scheduled my appointments, was SO welcoming and friendly. The day of my dog’s procedure, they called several times (as they said they would) with updates throughout the day. I have no doubt that they paid more than enough attention to my pup before, during, and after her procedure. They provided copies of the x-rays and some dental charts at the end. IF my dog did have more teeth that needed tending to, I would happily take her back to Animal Dentistry and Oral Surgery…. and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to others!!!

  • Sarah Gildea

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